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NOTE On a bike that has been previously serviced, ensure that the axle has not been removed and re-installed from the left side (with the castle nut to the right of the wheel).Loosen and remove the speedometer cable from the back of the speedometer on your handlebars.The top clamp should have all three pinch bolts loose at this point (this includes the steering stem pinch bolt).

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What is the torque spec for the single large axle bolt that retains the.Order your CV Axle Shaft Front - 1AACV00097 today at Shop safely with us online or call 888-844-3393 and buy the quality part your car or truck needs today.Install the washer (F), lockwasher (E) and nut (D) onto threaded end of axle (A). 9. In order to properly align the front fork, perform the fol- lowing: a.Kawasaki Voyager 1700 Hitch Removal both saddlebags and Installation Instructions.

Block motorcycle underneath frame so front wheel is raised off the ground. 2. See Figure 1.You can do this with a motorcycle lift placed under the front portion of the motorcycle frame.If this is the case, the axle must be removed and installed from the the right.There is also a groove cut in the offset, this is so the body can clear the offset. 3. With the offset in the correct position remove body and torque down to OEM torque specs. 4. Using one drop of blue thread locker mount the left side puck to the offset with 99-HB- SH10150045 Socket Cap 10 X 1.5 X 45 (Holds puck to offset).Related Book Epub Books Torque Spec Frt Cv Axle 2004 Siena: - Home - 2 0l Turbocharged Tsi I4 Engine - 2 1 3 Chemical Reactions And Bonding Worksheet Answers.See following picture. 5 5. Remove the brake pads by removing the clips and sliding out the pin.Toyota Front Axle Rebuild. socket for the axle nuts and a torque wrench to turn it with.

See TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS table. retaining ring side of inner race faces axle shaft. 2) Pack CV joint with one-half amount of grease.Apply a small amount of medium strength loctite to each bolt and install through the brake rotor into the new brake rotor adapter.How to Replace a CV Boot. vehicle maintenance or owners manual for torque specifications on all nuts and. the lug nuts and axle nut to specifications.Be sure to return these to their original position on the vehicle (short spacer on the right side, long spacer on the left). 6. Inspect axle components for damage or excessive wear, and replace as required.I need the torque specifications for the front brake calipers, the front brake mounts and the rear axle nut.Make or torque or torque. Toyota Camry Axle Nut Torque Spec PDF file for free,.

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While holding axle stationary, tighten axle nut to 50-55 ft-lbs (61.0-74.6 Nm). b. Pull fork leg so that it just contacts drill bit.

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Verify that axle spacers on right and left side are properly installed. 8. See Figure 3.

Scootworks, Inc. 3 5. Using the 17mm Allen wrench, finish loosening the front axle until it is completely free from the left side of the lower fork.Tags: brake caliper, brake disc, chain lubrication, clutch adjustment, disc thickness, drain plug, filler plug, hand lever, hydraulic brake fluid, kpa pressure, master cylinder, oil capacity, transmission lubricant, tread pattern, wheel spokes.Its lists two different torque specs for the front drive axle bolts: 1. 12 point bolt, 70Nm (52 ft lb) then.Lift the front wheel into place between the front forks, aligning the brake rotor into the caliper.If the procedure is not within your capabilities or you do not have the correct tools, have a Harley-Davidson dealer perform the installation.Turn it so that the side where the brake rotor attaches is facing upward. 8. Ensure the brake rotor mounting holes on the wheel are clean and free of oil or grease.Remove the saddlebags if desired for extra working clearance.

Some European vehicles use a ring of bolts to hold the inner CV to the.Having the front wheel on the ground will help you in loosening the axle.List of Audi A4 B5 torque specs for bolts and nuts in Ft-Lbs,.

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Insufficient pressure can adversely affect brake performance, which could result in death or serious injury. (00279a) 12.

With out doing so it is possible to incorrectly align the front axle in the forks or misalign the forks themselves.Pdf Torque Spec Frt Cv Axle 2004 Siena Rbforumsorg, Ebook Pdf Torque Spec Frt Cv Axle 2004 Siena, Spindle Nut Torque Specifications Speedway Auto Parts,.Learn how to torque a CV joint nut in this free auto repair video. CV FRONT axle REMOVE and INSTALL Half shaft front wheel drive axle - Duration:.Replacing Front -Drive Axles. Most. the joint has to redirect the torque.

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See the EXHAUST SYSTEM REMOVAL section of the Service Manual.When all bolts are installed, tighten in a star pattern, and torque to 25-30 ft. lbs. 9. Install your brake rotor onto the new brake rotor adapter using the original bolts you removed in step 6.

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Torque Value. 180-210. Front Axle nut Rear Axle nut Front Brake Disc screws. here is a general chart of fastener torque values.


Position the logo and snug up one set screw to hold in place and the other to prevent rotation. 4. Tighten the axle-nut cover set screws to 70 in-lb (7.9 Nm). NOTE The set screws in this kit are treated with a thread-locking compound.

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