Serenata SGH-F310

Get started by assembling and setting up your mobile phone for its first use.If you close the phone stand toward your ear, the noise it makes can damage your hearing.To access this menu, press OK in Idle mode and select Messages.

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Organiser Calendar Use this menu to keep track of your schedule.The music and phone features can be used both separately and in combination.The WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browser on your phone allows you to access the wireless web.Then use the wheel to choose between available albums, and press OK to select the album you wish to listen to.Outbox Use this menu to access messages that the phone is attempting to send or has failed to send.

About this Guide Before you start, familarise yourself with the following instructional icons: Note.Indicates that you need to pay careful attention to the subsequent information regarding safety or phone features.The following list shows the menu structure and indicates the page where you can find a description of each feature.

Serenata SGH-F310 last downloaded: 5.8.2017 - 2017 version. 58 Users. Download Rating: 86%.Push messages - Go to URL: connect to the URL specified in the message. - Delete: delete the message. - Extract details: extract URLs, email addresses, or phone numbers from the message.SIM services This menu is available if you use a SIM card that supports SIM Application Toolkit menus and provides additional services, such as news, weather, sports, entertainment, and location services.When the phone is charged, unplug the charger, and the phone is ready for use.Tap Music to access your music library list from any menu screen.Road safety Your wireless phone gives you the powerful ability to communicate by voice, almost anywhere, anytime.Prepare for video files - Download from the web browser. p. 36 - Copy from a PC using the optional Samsung PC Studio.You can make or answer calls without holding the phone to your ear.

Whether you use phone functions or wish to listen to music, you have several options.Drivers Update tool checks your computer for old drivers and update it.Options to use the phone When you use the phone functions you may.During playback, the phone will receive the calls and messages in the background without alerting you.To switch on the phone, press and hold END (red button) on the wheel.Using the web browser, you can access and download up-to-date information and a wide variety of media content.Archive messages This message folder stores text messages when you do not want them to be deleted from the phone.

View and Download Samsung Serenata SGH-F310 user manual online.Update driver: Serial ATA Controller - download driver,. download driver manual installation guide zip. for you to obtain Serenata SGH-F310 anyplace on the.Library stores your images, videos, sounds, and document files.Contents Overview of menu functions, 7 Options to use the music phone, 8 Introduce your phone, 9 Unpack, 9 Phone layout, 9 Icons, 10 Lock mode, 10 Assemble and prepare your mobile phone, 11 Display operation, 12 Daily use of your phone, 14 Switch on or off, 14 Make or answer calls, 14 Access menu options, 15.Ready for use It takes approximately three hours to charge the phone.

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Depending on your country or service provider, the icons shown on the display may vary.When you close the music player, the phone will show you the notifications for the received calls and messages.Samsung is making both of them and their names for the devices are the F330 and the SGH-F310. Serene II, Serenata,.Security Use this menu to protect the phone against unauthorised use.Page 23: Relax With Puremusic, Shuffle And Play, Stream Music On Your Phone, Create Your Own Playlist.

Use this menu to view the calls you have dialled, received, or missed, and the length of the calls.Bookmarks Use this menu to save URL addresses in order to access websites quickly.To access this menu, press OK in Idle mode and select Organiser.

But an important responsibility accompanies the benefits of wireless phones, one that every user must uphold.The cache is a temporary memory site that stores recently accessed web pages. - Delete cookies: delete cookies.Europe - Austria-Hungary › Maps › Europe A collection of historic and contemporary political and physical maps of Austria-Hungary, including early...

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Display settings Use this menu to change settings for the display and backlight. - Idle display: select a display item for the Idle screen. - Brightness: adjust the brightness of the display for varying lighting conditions. - Backlight: select the length of time the backlight of the display stays on.

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Configuration messages - Install: apply the configuration specified in the message to your phone. - Delete: delete the message.

Activate Bluetooth In Idle mode, tap More and select Bluetooth.Use of any unauthorised accessories could damage you or your phone and may be dangerous.Serenata - a music mobile phone The Serenata music mobile phone combines a portable music system with the convenience of customised mobile phone communications.To enter the same letter twice or to enter a different letter on the same character set, wait for the cursor to move to the right automatically or turn the wheel clockwise.Hold the phone and try to point accurately to a small area of the screen to perform the specific functions you want.To access this menu, press OK in Idle mode and select Phonebook.Groups Use this menu to organise your contacts in caller groups.Push message You can change the settings for receiving push messages from the wireless web server. - Receive: set how your phone receives push messages. - Service center: enter the address of the server from which you want to receive push messages, when the Receive option is set to Optional.

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