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Supremacy Clause A clause of the U.S. Constitution that establishes the U.S. constitution and federal treaties, laws, and regulations are the supreme law of the land.The Law Merchant. The U.S. Constitution Supreme law of the United States.State police power power that permits states and local governments to enact laws to protect or promote public health, safety, morals, and general welfare.Unprotected speech Speech that is not protected by the First Amendment and may be forbidden by the government.

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Ethics set of moral principles or values that govern the conduct of an individual or group Social responsibility A theory that requires corporations and businesses to act with awareness of the consequences and impact that their decision will have on others.Page 1 Sample Exam Questions, Business Law These are the type of questions that have appeared on my exams in the past.

Moral minimum, 3. stakeholders interest, and 4. corporate citizenship Dodge v.Offensive Speech Speech that is offensive to many members of society.

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Ex) Traffic courts, juvenile courts, probate courts, justice-of-the-peace courts, family law courts etc. (inferior trial court) General-jurisdiction trial court A court that hears cases of a general nature that is not within the jurisdiction of limited-jurisdiction trial courts.Test banks and PowerPoint slides...English Common Law Law developed by judges who issued their opinions when deciding a case.Unit: Date: Test ID: 1.01-1.02 Vocabulary Quiz: TBA: Unit 1.01-1.02 Test: January 30, 2013.

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BUSINESS LAW I (BUSI 2301) Spring 2010. (exam worth 22% each) 88%. Chapter 7 Review Chapter 1-7. 10 Examination 1.Deposition, interrogatories, production of documents, physical or mental exams.

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Arbitration A form of alternative dispute resolution in which the parties choose an impartial third party to hear and decide the dispute.

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Exclusive for federal statutes and bankruptcy, antitrust, etc.Business Law Ch. 4. 24. Judicial review is the process by which courts review governmental action to determine whether.

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Law Exam Review Notes. Rules Vs. Laws. Sneh Patel. RULES. LAWS. 1. Customs and Excise.Name of Exam: Introductory Business Law CLEP. The Introductory Business Law CLEP covers the material you would learn.A Honda engineer who was involved in a 1999 Takata air bag test.Federal question cases a case arising under the U.S. Constitution, treaties, or federal statutes and regulations.

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Limited-jurisdiction trial court A court that hears matters of specialized or limited nature.Diversity of citizenship A means for bringing a lawsuit in federal court that involves a non federal question if the parties are 1.

Free Exercise Cluase A clause of the First Amendment that prohibits the government from interfering with the free exercise of religion in the United States.A course in business law provides a good foundation to a successful career in the corporate world.Administrative agencies Agencies that the legislative and executive branches of federal and state governments are empowered to establish.

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Couto filed a qui tam lawsuit. Wickard v. Filburn U.S. supreme court decision that recognized the power of the federal government to regulate economic activity.

Rating: 4.5 - 1 voteStudy Flashcards On business law test 1 review at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the.Business Law: The Ethical, Global, and E-Commerce Environment, 14E 379 CHAPTER 1 THE NATURE OF LAW ANSWERS TO CHAPTER 1 True-False Multiple Choice.Statute Written law enacted by the legislative branch of the federal and state governments that establishes certain courses of conduct that covered parties must adhere to.Freedom of Religion contains two separate religion clauses, The Establishment Clause and the Free Exercise Clause Establishment Clause A clause of the First Amendment that prohibits the government from either establishing a state religion or promoting one religion over another.

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Instructions: Below is a summary of information and test center locations for the TN Business and Law Management test. For more.

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Jurisdiction of State Courts Concurrent with Federal in matters of Federal question and diversity of Citizenship.Let us help you learn the ins and outs of business law with this comprehensive Business Law: Help and Review. in business law to help you review for a test,.

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Business Law Principles and Practices SEVENTH EDITION Arnold J. Goldman. 1. Unwritten law based on previous court decisions is known as a. statute law.Preemption doctrine A doctrine that provides that federal law takes precedence over state and local law.

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